EMVA is a member-owned association. The members guide the development, goals and activities of the association through their elected Board of Directors, comprised of industry representatives working voluntarily and free-of-charge- for an election period of three years.

Any legal entity which so desires and whose activity is directly or indirectly related to machine vision may become a member of the association. With this inclusive approach, EMVA is open to all kind of organizations, including companies, research institutes, universities, consultancies, media, associations.

Hailo Technologies LTD.
Hailo, an AI-focused chipmaker, is developing specialized AI processors that enable data center-class performance on edge devices. Hailo’s processors are the product of a rethinking of traditional computer architecture, enabling smart devices to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as ... read more
HD Vision Systems GmbH
We strive for making feasible highly accurate measurements of complex object's geometry and surface properties such as surface normals, color and specularities. The quality of the results makes manual post-processing unnecessary. The approach is applicable to industrial inspection. read more
Heliotis AG
Heliotis develops, manufactures, and distributes optical 3D measurement technology for industrial quality control. Our core competence is in the development of CMOS image sensors, FPGA-based cameras, and optical measurement technology. Thanks to sustainable investments in research and development, our 3D ... read more
HIRAKAWA HEWTECH CORP., which established in September 1948 in Tokyo, is specializing in manufacturing and sales of electric wires for the electrical and electronic industries and consistently pursue leading-edge technologies that fill the needs of the times. In the FA ... read more
HongKong Vico Technology Limited
VICO is dedicated to promoting the development of machine vision/computer vision/digital imaging technology. The brands we distribute include COOLENS®, Carm®, Lontry®, etc., and are still expanding. Those of the most excellent quality manufactured in China in the vision area are ... read more
The HOYA Group started out as a pioneer specialized in optical glass manufacturing and has been a world leading supplier ever since. As a member of the HOYA Group, HOYA CORPORATION OPTICS SECTION carries the group’s excellence in optical glass-making ... read more
HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company focusing on R&D, production, and sales of machine vision and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) products and solutions. Concentrating on smart manufacturing and logistics, we have always insisted on satisfying customers’ needs, ... read more