EMVA 1288

EMVA 1288 is the Standard for Measurement and Presentation of Specifications for Machine Vision Sensors and Cameras.

Customers and users of vision components benefit from the standard’s application as well as the component manufacturers.



EMVA launched the initiative to define a unified method to measure, compute and present specification parameters for cameras and image sensors used for machine vision applications. Choosing the suitable camera for a given machine vision application often proves to be ... read more
Educational initative II: Record of EMVA 1288 webinar available The record of the the first educational webinar of the EMVA about 'How to compare cameras with the new EMVA 1288 standard, Release 3.1' is now available online at EMVA Tube ... read more
You already have acquired a certain specific EMVA 1288 knowledge or will join one of the next EMVA 1288 courses to do so and you would like to get your expertise certified? The EMVA offers EMVA 1288 Certification on two ... read more
Release 3.1, in effect since December 30, 2016 The new release contains only a few refinements and additions, because release 3.0 proved already to be a robust and stable release. The changes are listed in appendix D. The major additions ... read more
License Application
To indicate datasheets and sensor/camera specifications compliant with the EMVA Standard 1288 EMVA grants a license to use the "EMVA standard 1288 compliant" logo to all companies that selfcertify that the specification set with which the logo is used is ... read more
Group Members
Active contribution of relevant industry players is key for driving standardisation forward. Unifying the most important manufacturers, distributors and end users of machine vision cameras the EMVA 1288 working group has elaborated a modular approach to define step by step ... read more
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