You already have acquired a certain specific EMVA 1288 knowledge or will join one of the next EMVA 1288 courses to do so and you would like to get your expertise certified?

The EMVA offers EMVA 1288 Certification on two levels:

User level
The user level ensures that the certificate holder understands the important parameters of a vision application and has a basic knowledge about imaging systems so that he/she is able to use the EMVA 1288 datasheet for camera comparison and selection. Target groups are marketing and sales people and engineers, who want to have a basic knowledge about optimum application of cameras for various vision tasks.

The required level of knowledge is covered by the set of four webinars.
Records of the webinars are accessible online here.

Expert level
The expert level ensures that the holder has acquired all knowledge to perform EMVA 1288 measurements and that he/she can interpret the measuring results correctly. Target groups are engineers involved in camera development and/or testing.

The required level of knowledge is taught in two-day courses, offered by several EMVA member companies like FRAMOS or AEON.


Examination & Fees

The Expert Level exam is allways taking place at the end of the second day of  a 2-day EMVA 1288 course. Details are:

  • The exam is timed to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The candidate cannot bring any document or device.
  • A printed copy of the EMVA1288 standard and the template datasheet will be provided.

The certification (including the exam) carrries a fee of just € 220 for EMVA member entities and € 275 for non-members.