Membership Fees

The European Machine Vision Association EMVA is a non-for-profit and non-commercial association representing the Machine Vision industry in Europe. Legal base for membership in the EMVA are the association’s Statutes in its currently valid edition.

The EMVA General Assembly – being EMVA’s ultimate governing body – has defined the current Statutes as well as the annual membership fees during its session taking place May 4th, 2023 in Seville, Spain.

EMVA is a platform for exchange, information and hands-on value for its members. EMVA is open for all types of organizations having stakes in vision and imaging technologies: manufacturers, integrators, distributors, consultancies, research organizations and academia. Therefore, the membership fee structure reflects on the various criterias like the different business cases and sizes, the entities age and organisational structure.

Membership Fee Structure

Annual fees for single legal entity:

Start-up (3 years after foundation) € 500
Institutes, Education, Academia € 1,000
Association € 1,500
Media Company € 2,000
Company < 1 Mio € annual vision revenue € 1,000
Company 1 – 10 Mio € annual vision revenue € 2,000
Company 10 – 50 Mio € annual vision revenue € 3,000
Company 50 – 100 Mio € annual vision revenue € 4,000
Company > 100 Mio € annual vision revenue € 5,000


Annual fee for a group registration of up to 10 legal entities, which belong to the same company group (majority owned by the group):

Company Group Membership € 10,000


Membership in the EMVA is realted to the calendar year (Jan-Dec) and will be renewed automatically if not being terminated in accordance with Statutes Article 31, j).

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