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EMVA members benefit from the networking, cooperation and the numerous and diverse activities of the EMVA

About EMVA

The European Machine Vision Association EMVA is a non-for-profit and non-commercial association representing the Machine Vision industry in Europe. The association has been founded in 2003 in Barcelona by industry representatives from all over Europe as a network to promote the development and use of machine vision technology.

EMVA is a platform for exchange, information and hands-on value for its members. EMVA is open for all types of organizations having stakes in vision and imaging technologies: manufacturers, integrators, distributors, consultancies, research organizations and academia.

All members – as the owners of the association – benefit from the networking, cooperation and the numerous and diverse activities of the EMVA.

Download the EMVA Statutes and apply for membership using the EMVA Membership Application Form.

6 Good Reasons to Become a Member of EMVA

1. You become a member of the Who is Who of the Vision Industry

As a member of the European Machine Vision Association EMVA you will be in privileged companionship with more than 160 of the world’s top players in machine vision. All members, whether small and medium-sized organizations or large companies, play an important role in the value chain in their respective industries. Science and research universities and institutes also consider EMVA an important platform for their activities: Consultancies, research organizations and academia contribute as active members to the continuous development of machine vision technology.

2. EMVA Networking Platforms

With a variety of platforms and events, EMVA boosts business relationships among its members and creates opportunities for corporate marketing to initiate new business. The EMVA runs a series of events to actively promote networking for members of the association, market participants in the vision industry and companies from related fields. The annual highlight of the Vision industry is the EMVA Business Conference, which brings together the who‘s who of the industry in a different major city each year.

3. EMVA Partnerships and Initiatives

EMVA maintains several partnerships with globally organized associations and initiatives in order to promote vision technology and to open a wider spectrum of activities for market participants. G3: Through this cooperation in G3, EMVA members have access to the working groups of standards that are hosted by the other G3 associations and standards are developed which benefit from global visibility and implementation. Further Cooperations: The EMVA cooperates with the euRobotics AISBL association and is an active contributor at the European Robotics Forum 2020.

4. EMVA standards and innovation standardization

EMVA as a member-supported trade association promotes the growth of the global vision and imaging industry. The development of standards is the key to success and therefore highly relevant for any industry – particularly for the relatively complex and globally distributed machine vision industry.

Standards hosted by EMVA:

GenICam (Generic Interface for Cameras), EMVA 1288 and new to come emVision (Embedded Vision Standard) and OOCI (Open Optics Camera Interface Standard)

5. Increase your visibility and promote a new product or a new service effectively with EMVA

EMVA Media Platforms boost business opportunities. As one of the world’s largest machine vision associations, EMVA offers a variety of attractive formats that your company can leverage to reach top decision-makers in the industry directly. Increased visibility of your business within your industry Effective promotion of your products and services in your direct target group Direct targeting of top decision-makers in industrial image processing Members exclusivity of advertising placements ensures competitive advantages.

Learn more about EMVA Advertising and Sponsoring Packages here ….

6. Contribution to MV knowledge and dissemination

As part of its association activities, EMVA offers attractive platforms for presenting new technologies and applications, initiates specialist conferences on new technological trend topics and offers a wide range of technical training courses. The Vision Knowledge Center provides access to high-quality webinars, videos, technical papers and presentations on technology, applications and ecology which are of great interest to the vision tech network.

Download the EMVA Statutes and apply for membership using the EMVA Membership Application Form.

Fees: Annual membership fees vary depending on the member’s company type like e.g. ‘Start-up‘, ‘University‘, ‘Institute‘, ‘Company‘ and on the annual machine vision sales.

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