More Standards

Under the G3 agreement, EMVA cooperates with 4 leading machine vision associations in the development and dissemination of machine vision standards. Through this cooperation in G3, EMVA members have access to the working groups of standards that are hosted by the other G3 associations.


Interface Standards

CameraLinkCamera Link was initially released in 2000 and standardizes the connection between cameras and frame grabbers and defines a complete interface, including provisions for data transfer, camera timing, serial communications, and real-time signalling to the camera.

CameraLink HS logoThe Camera Link HS standard was released in 2012, improving on Camera Link by using off -the-shelf cables to extend reach and also offering increased bandwidth.

CoaXPress_LogoThe first version of the CoaXPress (CXP) standard was released in December 2010. It provides a high speed interface between cameras and frame grabbers and allows long cable lengths. In its simplest form, CoaXPress uses a single coaxial cable to: transmit data from a camera to a frame grabber, simultaneously transmit control data and triggers from the frame grabber to the camera, and provide power to the camera.

gige_logo2color(r)Originally released in 2006, the GigE Vision standard is a widely adopted camera interface standard developed using the Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) communication standard. GigE Vision supports multiple stream channels and allows for fast error-free image transfer
over very long distances using standard Ethernet cables.

iidc2_logoThe IIDC2 standard, which is a successor to IIDC for FireWire cameras, defines a flexible- fixed camera control register layout. All details are defined for how each feature, such as exposure time, is mapped to the register space, representing a very simple approach to camera control.

USB3VisionTMThe USB3 Vison standard was first released in 2013 and is building on the USB3 technology available today to make cost effective interface solution for the machine vision industry.



Lens Mount Standards

Several standards are related to machine vision lens mounts. All standards are bilingual (Japanese/English).

  • LE-001: Lens Mounts for Machine Vision Cameras – Classification of Image Sizes
  • LE-002: Lens Mounts for Machine Vision Cameras – Lens Mount Sizes
  • LE-003: NF Mount Standard and Operational Regulations
  • LE-004: TFL Mount and TFL-II Mount Standards and Operational Regulations
  • LE-005: S Mount Standard and Operational Regulations

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