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Would you like to advertise your business, increase visibility and promote a new product or a new service?

Via EMVA’s communication channels you can reach manufacturers, system and machine builders, integrators, distributors, consultancies and research organizations involved in machine vision, computer vision, embedded vision or imaging technologies by promoting your business and expertise through EMVA Website banners and/or EMVA Newsletter banners.

In addition the EMVA events and conferences offer a perfect advertising platform by becoming event sponsor.

Advertising with the EMVA in general is a member-exclusive marketing opportunity.


EMVA Website Adverts

The basics of advertise placement at the EMVA website are:

  • Your banner is located in a column placed on the right side of the page content
  • Your banner is visible on ‘Home’ and several other website subpages.
  • Your banner links out directly to your website
  • The advertisement column contains three different sized ad places; ‘Top’, ‘Middle’ and ‘Bottom’.
  • Number of rotating banner per ad place is strictly limited to ensure high visibility
    (rotation with page refresh)
  • Ad placement duration is usually 12 months and includes up to four times change of advertisement content
    (e.g. to adjust banner to your event agenda).

Please find the highly attractive because member-exclusive advertisement pricing as follows:

Banner Type Size Placement duration* Price** [EUR]
Column Ad “TOP” 180 x 300 px 12 months 3400
Column Ad “MIDDLE” 180 x 150 px 12 months 2840
Column Ad “BOTTOM” 180 x 600 px 12 months 3695
* other periods on request
** without VAT, first come-first serve


EMVA Newsletter Adverts

The monthly EMVA Email Newsletter is received by the various stakeholder of our industry.
From top management to development & engineering, from press contacts to teachers & students – the recipients list is widely spread and very international.

EMVA Members are entitled to provide newsletter content free-of-charge and are offered the following advertisement pricing:

Banner Type Size Placement duration* Price** [EUR]
eNewsletter Ad – Type 1 520 x 67 px 12 months 3120
eNewsletter Ad – Type 2 120 x 180 px 12 months 2400
* other periods on request
** without VAT, first come-first serve


EMVA Event Sponsor

EMVA events and conferences like the annual Business Conference or the Embedded VISION Europe are known to be well organised offering outstanding networking and great take-home-value. The achieved image of high quality events is also connected to our event sponsors.

EMVA Members receive event specific sponsorship proposals via direct email communication in advance to the respective event.


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