The Generic Interface for Cameras standard is the base for plug & play handling of cameras and devices.


Today’s digital cameras are packed with much more functionality than just delivering an image. Processing the image and appending the results to the image data stream, controlling external hardware, and doing the real-time part of the application have become common tasks for machine vision cameras. As a result, the programming interface for cameras has become more and more complex.


The goal of GenICam® (Generic Interface for Cameras) is to provide a generic programming interface for all kinds of devices (mainly cameras), no matter what interface technology (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link HS, Camera Link etc.) they are ... read more
Next meeting will be held April 15-16 2024 as part of IVSM Spring 2024 in Japan! soon to come SFNC Release 2.8 April 2024 GenICam Release Version 2024.04 New GenICam reference implementation v3.4.2 November 2023 GenICam Release Version 2023.07a Updated ... read more
This page provides the current public releases of the GenICam® standard, i.e., the latest GenICam package as well as the current standard document versions. Previous releases are available here.   Full package download with all binaries and standard documents GenICam ... read more
Group Members
How to join the GenICam working group? Any company can become an associated member of the GenICam working group (individuals and organizations are not accepted). The Membership Application Form is part of the GenICam membership documents. It has to be ... read more
Downloads Archive
This page provides all available versions of the individual GenICam downloads, i.e., all published zip packages, standard document versions, additional presentations and meeting minutes.   Complete GenICam® downloads   GenICam Package Version 2024.04 consists of GenApi 3.4.2, GenTL 1.6, SFNC ... read more
GenICam® contributors, meetings and milestones Starting with a kick-off meeting in June 2003 many actively contributing companies pushed the standard's development forward realizing a true success story. The following list shows the attendees of the GenICam meetings held up to ... read more
Compliant products
There are basically three types of GenICam compliant products: cameras, transport layers, and software libraries. The rules specifying which products are considered to be GenICam compliant are listed in the GenICam license document. The GenICam working group will provide a ... read more