ZheJiang Huaray Technology CO.LTD.

The Huaray Tech is machine vision subsidiary of Dahua Technology CO.,LTD..

Dahua Technology is a leading advanced video surveillance solution provider with a complete product portfolio including an advanced series of front to back end devices, display, software, smart home solutions, access controls and alarms as well as intelligent traffic systems. Dahua was the first company in China to launch an 8-channel real-time standalone DVR, and in 2005, with its first analog camera introduced, Dahua entered the camera market in an all-around way; Dahua was the first company that successfully integrated capturing, decoding, splicing, processing and platform altogether, meanwhile, we have world-leading video-wall splicing technology.

The company employs more than 7000 employees with over 3500 R&D professionals,We’re committed to developing technology that drives business results for our customers:cameras that are easy to use,easy to intergrate,and deliver an exceptional price/performance ratio.