HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd.

HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd., a machine vision subsidiary of Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional company focused on machine vision product’s development, production and sales.
Supported by advantage of technical platform of Dahua, Huaray Technology provides advanced machine vision product and solutions all over the world, applying in code recognition, OCR, vision measurement, location and defect detection.
By the prospect of Turning Vision into Productivity, HuaRay has always been determined to be core component supplier of machine vision product and create more value for our customers.

Company type
Manufacturer Vision Components

Application Engineering, Interim Management, Investor Relations, Maintenance, Project Management, Research

, Application-specific Software, Area Scan, Board-level Camera, Cable & Connector, CCD (sensor technology), CCD Image Sensor, CMOS (sensor technology), CMOS Image Sensor, Code Reading, Colour, Fixed Focal Length, High Speed, Identification, Inspection 2D, LED, Library, Line Scan, Metrology 2D, Monochrome, NIR, OCR/OCV, PC / IPC, Quallity Control in general, Robot Guidance 2D, Robot Guidance 3D, Scientific, Smart Camera, Sorting, Surface Inspection Web (continuous), Thermography, Tracking, Vision Sensor