Case Studies

Infrared camera enables reliable facial recognition
A research team at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences has developed a skin detection process which supports biometric systems in securely identifying faces. For measurements in the infrared range, the scientists rely on the Goldeye G-032 SWIR camera. For ... Go to article
3D Imaging, Lasers, and Fish Lice
The high concentration of salmon raised in cages in fish farms leads to populations of sea lice that can not only injure the salmon, but also become a significant problem for wild salmon in the area who swim past the ... Go to article
Wheels Put to the Test
Why the WheelWatch system is equipped with high-speed cameras. A high-speed camera from Mikrotron is the key component of WheelWatch. With a maximum speed of almost 500 frames per second, the EoSens® camera, equipped with a CMOS sensor, provides a ... Go to article
Aesthetic Textile Inspection
The fabric pattern can be highly complex, and position variants can preclude the use of simple methods based on spatial frequency analysis. The visual appearance varies drastically: deformations due to the stretchable nature of the fabric and other variations such ... Go to article
More Sustainability due to Vision-based Recycling
A recycling system sorts electronic waste based on reference images. For fast sorting with accurate results, the system must work with very short constant exposure times of the vision devices. The current LED lighting control with a maximum voltage of ... Go to article
Increase productivity and effectiveness due to Augmented Reality
Many companies already use smart glasses on which they provide employees with additional, context-based information, to increase worker productivity and the effectiveness of processes. French eyewear manufacturer LASTER Technologies contracted image processing specialist FRAMOS for the development of its latest ... Go to article
More user-friendly laser tracking systems
High-tech businesses set high performance expectations for portable coordinate measuring devices used for controls and quality assurance in their manufacturing plants. By integrating innovative camera and sensor technology from FRAMOS, one of the market leaders in this segment, Leica Geosystems ... Go to article