Case Studies

Evolution in the Press Shop
Intelligent, camera-based tool protection in stamping and forming technology. Boosting efficiency through digitalisation - almost no branch of industry can evade it. Also operators of press shops are increasingly networking their production. But - regardless of whether it's a single ... Go to article
3D Vision System Nets the Right Tuna
Matrox AltiZ high-fidelity 3D profile sensor powers TUNASCAN vision system, sorting up to 20 tons of tuna per hour with accuracy rates approaching 100% Marexi Marine Technology Co. Headquartered in Spain, Marexi Marine Technology Co. has been a leader in ... Go to article
GigE Industrial Cameras & HALCON: A Proven Imaging Solution
TIS Cameras: "Easy to Work with in a Complex Automation System". Industrial automation solutions provider Teomsi Electric Company recently worked with Ecolor and WIP Industries Romania, manufacturers of flat-pack furniture, in the development of inspection systems to detect drill holes ... Go to article
Lidar makes its points at Europe’s dams
Terrestrial lidar scanners and sophisticated new mathematical models help engineers model dams to understand safety and risks Europe has a lot of dams. While most were built after World War II, some of the continent’s 7,000 large dams can be ... Go to article