Case Studies

Multi-sensor Data Fusion for In-line Visual Inspection
Visual inspection is the cornerstone of most quality control workflows. When performed by humans the process is expensive, prone to error, and inefficient: a 10%-20% pseudo scrap and slippage rate and production bottlenecks are not uncommon. Under the name IQZeProd ... Go to article
Deep Learning Cuts Through Cost, Time, Human Error
Matrox Imaging’s machine learning technology transforms quality assessment from human to machine-based, with dramatic improvements. The STIHL Group has been a global name in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of power tools for forestry and agriculture since 1926. Servicing professional ... Go to article
Retrofit your vehicles with collision protection
Forklift drivers need a high level of concentration when manoeuvring in reverse. The camera-based anti-collision system from ifm, which automatically detects persons and obstacles in the rear area of the vehicle, warns the driver and stops the vehicle, if necessary, ... Go to article
On position in rough sea
Vision-based positioning for installation and surveying work on underwater facilities. The underwater world is one of the most hostile working environments. It is not only poor visibility, high pressure and varying currents that make conditions difficult. Constantly changing environments, corrosion ... Go to article
Inspecting Paper Rolls with Ingenuity
High-Speed Barcode Scanning and OCR with the help of Color TDI Imaging Integro Technologies, a turnkey machine vision system integrator, recently worked with a customer who had a very specific need: create a cost-effective and error free solution for the ... Go to article
Machine Vision for the big drill
The University of Leoben in Austria has developed a robust image recording system to analyse the rock and monitor the construction progress as well as for geological documentation during tunnelling, using machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING. With drill head ... Go to article
Bosch Waiblingen utilises Autonomous Machine Vision
In its plant in Waiblingen, Germany, Bosch produces plastic moulded connectors for the automotive sector. Plastic injection moulding is traditionally a difficult application for standard machine vision because of the lack of contrast between the background and the part being ... Go to article
On the track of old masters
The "Virgin of the Rocks" is a famous work by Leonardo da Vinci and shows the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child, the boy St. John and the angel Uriel in a rock cave. The painting is one of three ... Go to article