Case Studies

Vision System for Flexible 3D Manufacturing
BOBOREALIS began as a consortium of European partners including the Fraunhofer Institute, some renowned universities and other industrial partners looking to provide an advanced concept for flexible machines in new additive and subtractive manufacturing processes focused on the next generation ... Go to article
No two loaves of bread are alike
The Dutch company Niverplast is one of the world's largest manufacturers of machines for inspecting bakery products. These machines are supplied all over the world and use image processing technology from STEMMER IMAGING for the reliable detection of faulty loaves ... Go to article
At the frontiers of feasibility
Why 3D-Shape GmbH equips white light interferometers with Mikrotron cameras How do you monitor the topography of micro parts when the demands of efficient production require short cycle times and high quality? 3D-Shape GmbH performs complex surface measurements using the ... Go to article
The Sun’s Surface in Stunning Detail
How High-Speed Helps to Reduce the Effects of Atmospheric Distortion Located on the Canary Island of La Palma, the Swedish 1-meter Solar Telescope (SST) is the world’s leading facility for high resolution observations of the Sun. It is operated by ... Go to article
Trevista: Detecting Defects and Scrapping Waste
Clever Automated Quality Assurance Solution Delivers 3D Accuracy at 2D Speeds Detecting the most miniscule details on a test object can determine product quality, affect costs, and even save lives. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where Germany-based ... Go to article