Case Studies

O3D – View From the Top
The automotive manufacturer Opel in Rüsselsheim relies on innovative technology in production. At a welding robot various stamped and deep-drawn metal sheets are welded to form a supporting element of the bodywork. A 3D camera monitors the position and the ... Go to article
Cinematography camera with swappable sensors
With the increasing competition in the cinema camera market, the focus of Octopus is to fill the gaps in specialist requirements. For instance, native monochrome sensor imaging and a fully open SDK to extend and embed custom behavior in the ... Go to article
Improved Image Quality for Tumor Surgeries at Quest
Quest Medical Imaging BV in the Netherlands offers an image processing system with multispectral cameras to visualize cancers during surgery. It has been expanded using a programmable frame grabber, including appropriate software from Silicon Software, achieving the very low latencies ... Go to article
Automated Rivet Hole Inspection in Aircraft Section Assembly
Aircraft production presents various technical challenges, such as large product dimensions, complex joining processes, and the need for proper organization of assembly tasks. Overcoming such challenges while enforcing tight tolerances and managing small batch sizes is often difficult to achieve ... Go to article
AI Empowered Cookie Factory
Can artificial intelligence cook and prepare the food we eat every day? Well, you may be surprised to learn that AI is already cooking and preparing food in specialized smart factories. One such factory that makes cookies uses it to ... Go to article
What Hides Beneath
Securing borders and places with Comm Port Technologies' under-vehicle surveillance systems Comm Port Technologies, based in Cranbury, New Jersey, USA has been providing technology-based security solutions to their customers for over two decades. Their product range includes multiple designs and ... Go to article