Case Studies

Optimization of the packaging process
Our client is a part of the international corporation. Since 2006, it has been designing and manufacturing coils, sensors, and switches for the automotive industry. The products it produces are used in passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and ... Go to article
Perfectly printed coins thanks to machine vision
The Hamburg Mint, one of the oldest mints in Germany, has been using machine vision since the early 2000s to automate various production steps, such as aligning of coins during packaging or various quality control tasks.In the context of another ... Go to article
Real-time holographic rendering of medical imaging
On the use of Coaxlink technology to overcome the limitations of real-time observation of fundus vasculature by holographic laser Doppler imaging in clinical ophthalmology.The advent of very high-speed digital cameras using the CoaXPress image transmission standard now allows the collection ... Go to article
Automated wall production for prefabricated houses
The future is made of wood - sustainable and energy-efficient. Ultra-modern prefabricated houses, like those of the manufacturer FingerHaus from Frankenberg (Eder), are on the rise. Demand is high in an industry that is booming, but simultaneously being hit by ... Go to article
Cycle times cut in half
Since 1990, Kautenburger GmbH (Germany) has been setting standards in the development of innovative products and systems in the field of sophisticated industrial automation. Among their customers is Refractarios Kelsen S.A. (Spain), a producer of refractory components and solutions that ... Go to article
The Application of COOLENS Lenses in the LCM
The FPD (Flat Panel Display) industry is a rapidly growing sector with a wide range of applications, from televisions and computers to mobile devices and automobiles. One important segment of this industry is the LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) production process, ... Go to article