EMVA welcomes new member ‘Dimagy’

Dimagy is a french company dedicated to vision systems engineering. Our expertise relies on the objective analysis of imaging components: we bench, measure, compare cameras, lenses & lightings to get ... read more

EMVA welcomes new member ‘NotaVis’

With a broad spectrum, which includes all components necessary for image processing, the NOTAVIS GmbH addresses customers with its own image processing department, like e.g. large engineering companies (OEMs), the ... read more

Young Professional Award – Call for Application

Prestigious industry award rewards outstanding work with prize money, presentation at EMVA Conference in Dubrovnik and free entry at European Machine Vision Forum 2018. The EMVA Young Professional Award is an annual award to honor the outstanding and innovative work ... read more

EMVA appoints Standards Manager

Arnaud Darmont coordinates standardization activities of the association. The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has appointed Arnaud Darmont as new EMVA Standards Manager. Arnaud will be responsible to promote the ... read more

EMVA Market Report 2017 published

Evaluation of machine vision markets in France. The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has published its 2017 Market Report “Machine Vision in France”. EMVA non-members can obtain the 56 paged ... read more

EMVA welcomes new member ‘CHRONOCAM’

Chronocam’s technology strategy is built on a straight-forward premise: in order to enable a safer, more efficient world though the capabilities of machine vision, we need to re-think traditional vision ... read more

Olivier Despont (Cognex) gives talk at EVE 2017

'Deep learning for machine vision' Olivier Despont, ViDi Product Marketing Specialist at Cognex, presents at the 2017 Embedded VISION Europe conference. Passionate by innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Olivier Despont spent ... read more

Alexey Myakov (Intel) presents keynote at EVE 2017

'Enabling Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Real Life' Alexey Myakov, Chief Computer Vision Advocate at Intel Corporation, presents keynote at the 2017 Embedded VISION Europe conference. Alex serves as ... read more

Raj Talluri (Qualcomm) gives Keynote at EVE 2017

'Innovations in camera processing and computer vision for IoT applications' The EMVA proudly presents Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, giving his keynote  at Embedded ... read more