‘chiiOnline community’ substitutes traditional conference

With chiiOnline EMVA member Perception Park offers a global cross-industry network for the hyperspectral industry.

In previous chii conferences leading companies in the field of hyperspectral imaging and experts from science, research and industry participated. Manufacturers of hyperspectral sensors, optics, illumination, software companies, hardware manufacturers, international distributors and many more presented their exciting products, technologies and services. The EMVA several times contributed with updates in regards to machine vision standards, especially EMVA1288.

The chii Conference and chii Academy were attended by participants from many different industries, such as food, recycling, agriculture and pharmaceuticals.  As hyperspectral imaging becomes increasingly attractive, the chiiOnline community is expecting new members from other industries, especially the wood, packaging and medical industries.

Get all details and register at www.chii-online.com


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