Saccade Vision Ltd.

Saccade Vision is a startup company that develops a novel three-dimensional machine vision solution for Industrial Dimensional Inspection and Vision Guided Robotics. The solution includes two main components: a unique smart hybrid 3D camera and flexible and autonomous software. Employing our proprietary, patent-pending technology, we simulate the way human vision works, by “zooming” into important information on the measured part and by disregarding the non-useful information.
This unique approach allows us to perform highly precise and fast three-dimensional measurements and inspection by focusing only on critical locations and increase machine vision robustness on challenging materials and in varying lighting conditions. We offer the coordinate measuring machine level of precision, resolution, and robustness at a rate of hundreds of measurements per second, making it ideal for the inline process control.

Part of the solution is an automatic conversion of a digital model of the inspected part (for example CAD drawing) directly into the machine vision. This autonomous approach helps to cut the deployment time from weeks to hours.

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Manufacturer Vision Components


Saccade Vision Ltd.
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