The EMVA Vision Knowledge Center opens its doors

The EMVA Vision Knowledge Center is the hub for relevant topics in the vision industry

The EMVA Vision Knowledge Center is a hub of expertise and the meeting point for relevant technical and environmental topics in the vision industry. It benefits from the enormous amount of valuable documented contributions collected over the years at the numerous EMVA events now being available on the EMVA website.

The EMVA Vision Knowledge Center provides access to high-quality webinars, videos, technical papers and presentations on technology, applications and ecology which are of great interest to the vision tech network.

Spend a moment in the Vision Technology area and see what Jonathan Hou says about “Embedded Learning and the Evolution of Machine Vision.

Jonathan Hou is Chief Technical Officer with Pleora Technologies, a lead supplier of video interface solutions for the industrial automation, security and defense, and medical imaging markets.

Jonathan will discuss the trend toward embedded machine learning in vision systems, in particular its impact on vision software choices. He also looks at how machine learning could help us in a new era of cloud-based “inspection as a service” opportunities, as well as hardware and software implications that designers and integrators should consider for vision systems that interact with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Watch the presentation here …

The Future of Vision lies in the hands of the Young Professionals.

The EMVA Young Professional Award is an annual award to honor the outstanding and innovative work of a student or a young professional in the field of machine vision or computer vision.

The 2016 EMVA Young Professional Award was awarded to Tolga Birdal, for his work “Reconstruction via Detection: Efficient and Automatic Reconstruction from Unorganized 3D Scans.”

See Tolga’s presentation here…

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