Interview with Frederik Voncken | Adimec

Standardization is the key to the success of machine vision technology. Machine vision standards are commonly developed in the standard working groups and here by dedicated individuals. The EMVA interview series ‘Faces of Machine Vision Standards‘ introduces engineers having joined a standard working group and talk about their motivation to contribute and which experience they take out for their daily work.

EMVA recently spoke with GenICam working group member Mr. Frederik Voncken, Senior Electrical Designer at Adimec:


Why do you participate in the GenICam WG?

Our company develops cameras and is less involved at the PC side (although customers expect you to have knowledge about that part too), so our participation is more about the use and knowledge of GenICam in our products. We do promote the use of GenICam as it unifies our products interface.
As an original developer of CoaXPress we (and our partners) have made it clear that the use of GenICam and its components, had to be mandatory for CoaXPress.
And like GenICam, CoaXPress needed and still needs to be open for all, every voice to be heard, no activities behind closed doors.

Which GenICam parts do you intend to shape with your input?

There are many interesting subjects within GenICam that influence our thoughts, and where needed we participate and give our thoughts. On of these recent parts is GenDC, having a generic data container to transport the needed data, not needing to keep updating standards (which is slow) and being in essence standard independent.

How does your company benefit from your WG participation?

Involvement and knowledge does help the development of our products and by using GenICam (and in general standards) we can concentrate on our core activities. This also transfers to our users, they then also can concentrate on their core business, not worrying about the “interface” (hardware, software, discover mechanism, etc.). And when in need we do have in depth answers to their questions / worries.

What was your biggest light bulb moment in the GenICam collaboration?

GenICam is a common effort. Large, middle, small contributions, even being at the meetings and discussions does help.
Just because you are new or from a small company does not mean that you are not allowed to ask questions and get answers.