Exploratory Group Process

This Exploratory Group will use Khronos’ proven New Initiative process, with the support and participation of the EMVA.

All participants will have an equal voice in exploring industry consensus to create a Statement of Work (SOW) document describing the objectives and high-level direction of standardization initiatives that would be of value to the industry. The Exploratory Group is expected to meet online over a period of several months. The Group is open to all proposed directions but will not discuss detailed technical design contributions to protect participants intellectual property (IP). All Exploratory Group discussion will be covered by a simple project NDA, to encourage open discussions.

The Embedded Camera API Standards Industry Exploratory Group Process

If consensus on a Scope of Work can be achieved, the Exploratory Group will release the Scope of Work document from the project NDA and Khronos and EMVA will work to initiate the standardization work at the most suitable host organizations or open source projects, using those organizations’ normal collaborative agreements and IP frameworks. The contents of the Scope of Work document will determine whether EMVA or Khronos will be the appropriate organizations to undertake work items, or they would be better executed elsewhere.


Background to Khronos and EMVA

The EMVA manages the GenICam standard for machine vision which is a widely used generic programming interface for industrial cameras that has become increasingly sophisticated as digital cameras integrate local processing capabilities. EMVA is also developing the emVision standard for embedded vision.

The Khronos Group is an open standards consortium that manages multiple API standards for vision, compute and inferencing acceleration such as OpenVX , OpenCL, SYCL, and Vulkan. Khronos has previously worked on the OpenKCAM API standard for camera control that was never publicly released. Elements of the OpenKCAM design may be re-used if they help meet the requirements in the agreed SOW.


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