emVision is the Embedded Vision Interface Standard.

EMVA launched the emVision initiative in 2019.

Cameras and PCs as the main components of machine vision systems tremendously miniaturized over the last years. The combination of a processing board with a powerful small camera, make it possible to design a very compact vision system which can be integrated into a larger system. Such systems are called embedded vision systems and are of high interest to the machine vision industry. However, adaptation is needed in order to enable industrial solutions to use embedded systems. Hosted by the EMVA, in August 2018 a new standard initiative formed to address these needs.

With an impressive support from the machine vision industry, the standardization group develops a standard to achieve an easy integration and exchange of different embedded cameras within embedded vision applications. Already more than 40 companies are showing interest in this initiative and the working group of the standard includes delegates from Adimec, Allied Vision, Alysium, Avaldata, Basler, Baumer, Euresys, Flir, Framos, Matrix Vision, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

The next steps of the standard initiative are a white paper with concepts and goals to be adopted early this year.
A first release candidate is also targeted in 2020.