Call For Participation

Get Involved to Shape the Future of Embedded Camera Standards

Any company is welcome to join the new Embedded Camera API Standards Industry Exploratory Group with no cost or IP Licensing obligations. The Exploratory Group will enable industry dialog to seek consensus on whether the industry should cooperate to define open, royalty-free camera/sensor/ISP interoperability API standards. If a need is agreed, the Group will discuss what API(s) are needed, and how and where should the industry create them.

Exploratory Group meetings are expected to start in March 2021.
To join please download and execute this NDA and email it to

Once your executed NDA is received, any employee of your company will be able to register and obtain a login to the Exploratory Group Portal. The Portal contains a shared document repository, a discussion mailing list and a Zoom meeting schedule. Anyone from your company is welcome to participate in Exploratory Group discussions.

Contact us at or at if you have questions about getting involved.

Background to Khronos and EMVA

The EMVA manages the GenICam standard for machine vision which is a widely used generic programming interface for industrial cameras that has become increasingly sophisticated as digital cameras integrate local processing capabilities. EMVA is also developing the emVision standard for embedded vision.

The Khronos Group is an open standards consortium that manages multiple API standards for vision, compute and inferencing acceleration such as OpenVX , OpenCL, SYCL, and Vulkan. Khronos has previously worked on the OpenKCAM API standard for camera control that was never publicly released. Elements of the OpenKCAM design may be re-used if they help meet the requirements in the agreed SOW.

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