Top Speakers Expected at Embedded Vision Europe Conference 2019

The Embedded Vision Europe Conference 2019, 24-25 October, Messe Stuttgart, will again highlight a conference program with top-class speakers on the trend topics Embedded Vision.

We are pleased to present four of the top speakers and their contributions here:

Jonathan Hou | Chief Technology Officer at Pleora

“Embedded Learning and the Evolution of Machine Vision”

Jonathan Hou is Chief Technical Officer with Pleora Technologies, a lead supplier of video interface solutions for the industrial automation, security and defense, and medical imaging markets. Previously, he held software development & engineering management, applications engineering, and software development roles in the machine vision and networking industries.

Abstract of Jonathan Hou´s Talk:

Jonathan will discuss the trend toward embedded machine learning in vision systems, in particular its impact on vision software choices. He also looks at how machine learning could help us in a new era of cloud-based “inspection as a service” opportunities, as well as hardware and software implications that designers and integrators should consider for vision systems that interact with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Vassilis Tsagaris| CEO at Irida Labs

“An holistic embedded vision approach: looking beyond the deep learning models”

Vassilis Tsagaris founded Irida Labs in 2009 with the aim to bridge the gap between a camera and a human eye by bringing visual perception to any device, making embedded computer vision accessible to everyone. Today, as CEO of Irida Labs he is responsible for corporate strategy, business partnerships and business development worldwide.

Abstract of Vassilis Tsagaris Talk:

Embedded Computer Vision has entered into a new era, driven by the recent advances in Machine / Deep Learning. In this presentation he will show how Irida Labs is providing real-world edge vision solutions while addressing issues in a) the standardization of data collection, curation and management, b) mechanisms for Edge deployment, management and support, c) incorporating advanced Machine Learning techniques enabling few shot learning, lifelong learning at the Edge and d) privacy preserving learning and deployment.

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Gion-Pitschen Gross| Product Manager at Allied Vision

“How to set up an embedded system for industrial embedded vision – Requirements, components, and solutions”

Gion-Pitschen Gross has been working for Allied Vision since 2016 and has been responsible for a wide range of products from short-wave infrared cameras to a portfolio of GigE cameras. Since last year he is responsible for the new Alvium Camera Series which bridges the gap between machine and embedded vision.

Abstract of Gion-Pitchen Gross´s Talk:

Embedded systems not only bring advantages to users of industrial image processing who have previously worked PC-based, but also new challenges such as new hardware architecture, interfaces, new data processing paradigms, and open source operating systems. This presentation provides an overview of the most important key factors and presents possible set-up scenarios for Industrial Embedded Vision.

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Bram Senave | Business Development Manager at Easics

“Embedded deep learning in PCB inspection”

Bram Senave began his career at On Semiconductor as a product engineer. In 2018 he joined easics, a System-on-Chip design services company targeting both ASICs and FPGA, as business Development Manager. His prime focus is to help easics’ customers and partners to integrate the right technology in their embedded systems. An example is the recent developed easics’ IP for Deep learning (AI).

Abstract of Bram Senave´s Talk:

Today, artificial intelligence often runs in the cloud, with data being sent back and forth between the application and the AI algorithms running on energy-guzzling cloud infrastructure. Easics’ embedded AI solutions integrate tightly with novel and existing sensors such as image sensors capturing light inside and outside the visible spectrum (such as hyperspectral and thermal infrared), 3D scanning laser (LiDAR), Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, radar, microscopy, ultrasound sensors, and microphones.

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About eVe 2019:

Embedded VISION Europe 2019 is the only conference in Europe having the focus exclusively on this disruptive technology. It shows the capability of hardware and software platforms; presents applications and markets for embedded vision and creates a platform for the exchange of information.

Speaker slots in Embedded Vision topics are still up for grabs

The conference program will feature a large number of top-notch speakers, who will cover the hot topics of Embedded Vision. We hereby cordially invite all interested parties to send presentation proposals for this conference via registrations on

Table-top exhibition and opportunity for individual B2B meetings

The accompanying exhibition as well as the opportunity to arrange personal business meetings already at the registration complete the offer of Embedded Vision Europe as an ideal platform to deepen industry know-how and establishing new business contacts in the field of Embedded Vision.

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