Embedded Vision Mega Trends: Get Inspired through our Expert Keynotes

The Embedded Vision Europe Conference 2019, 24-25 October, Messe Stuttgart, will again highlight a conference program with top-class speakers on the trend topics Embedded Vision.

We are very proud to announce the already confirmed speakers:

+++ David Austin / Intel Corporation, gives Opening Keynote +++ Neil Trevett / Khronos/NVIDIA +++ Jagan Ayyaswami / Micron Technology +++ Andrea Dunbar / CSEM +++ Michael Engel / Vision Components +++ Jonathan Hou / Pleora +++ Pierre Gutierrez / Scortex +++ Vassilis Tsagaris / Irida Labs +++ Gion-Pitschen Gross / Allied Vision +++ Bram Senave / Easics +++ Takashi Someda / Hacarus +++ further speaker announcements to follow +++

Here we highlight three top contributions of the conference:

Takashi Someda | CTO at Hacarus Inc.

“Using Sparse Modeling in Visual Inspection to Solve Issues Deep Learning Can’t”

Takashi Someda leads Hacarus engineering and product development from its Kyoto headquarters, spearheading the roll-out of Sparse Modeling-based AI tools. Takashi holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics from the prestigious Kyoto University and manages the company’s academic advisory board including Professors from Kyoto, Shiga and Tohoku University. Takashi is a frequent and appreciated guest speaker at conferences on topics such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and edge devices.

Abstract of Takashi Someda´s Talk:

This presentation introduces Sparse Modeling, an AI technique that understands data like a human- by its unique key features. The agenda will include a presentation of the technique, a brief background and real-world examples of its use for image data in visual inspections. In conclusion, the presenter will provide a comparison with deep learning-based techniques and discuss advantages and weaknesses of using Sparse Modeling for visual inspection.

More information here …

 Jagan Ayyaswami | Sr. Director of Mobile Architecture and Systems at Micron Technology

“Processor Architectures for Machine Learning”

Jagan Ayyaswami has over 23 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. He is currently the Sr. Director of Mobile Architecture and Systems in Micron Technology Inc. Prior to Micron he worked in Qualcomm Corporation for 12 years in various Engineering Management roles. He holds a MS degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University in the US and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Madras, India.

Abstract of Jagan Ayyaswami´s Talk:

With the rapid advances in machine learning and various neural network topologies, we have made tremendous amount of progress in solving many embedded computer vision tasks. Face detection, face recognition, object tracking, object identification, lane change detection, pedestrian detection etc. are but a few examples of the applications where we have seen signification improvement in performance by these techniques compared to the traditional computer vision algorithms. However, these new approaches use a different computational model to achieve these results. In this talk, Jagan will explore the various kinds of hardware implementations that are gaining popularity in these machine learning based embedded vision applications and discuss the relative pros and cons.

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Pierre Gutierrez | Lead machine learning researcher at Scortex

“The challenges of deploying Deep Learning for visual quality inspection”

Pierre Gutierrez started his career in research in machine learning applied to genetics at the Institut Stat & Génome. He then went to be a data scientist at the French start up Dataiku. There, he had the opportunity to work on a large variety of data science and machine learning problems such as recommendation engine, fraud detection or geospatial analysis. He is now in charge of the machine learning research at Scortex where he is trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with deep learning with less data and computation.

Abstract of Pierre Gutierrez´s Talk:

There is a wide gap between creating a first approximatively working SSD detector and a deep learning based product. In this talk, we describe the challenges that we have been facing at Scortex and how we try to tackle them. The first one is the real time processing, because inspection in factories means meeting the cycle time. The second challenge is about machine learning, since to be of any use the performance of the system almost need to match the one of a human. Last but not least, we’ll talk about the human-machine interface and the system adoption issue.

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About eVe 2019:

Embedded VISION Europe 2019 is the only conference in Europe having the focus exclusively on this disruptive technology. It shows the capability of hardware and software platforms; presents applications and markets for embedded vision and creates a platform for the exchange of information.


The second edition of the Embedded VISION Europe conference again offers top-noche speeches held by internationally well known specialists and drivers in the embedded technology field.

Table-top exhibition and opportunity for individual B2B meetings

The accompanying exhibition as well as the opportunity to arrange personal business meetings already at the registration complete the offer of Embedded Vision Europe as an ideal platform to deepen industry know-how and establishing new business contacts in the field of Embedded Vision.

Join the Table-Tops  —  Already Confirmed Exhibitors:

Active Silicon ++  Allied Vision  ++  Baumer ++ Gidel  ++  IDS ++ IniVation ++ Imaging Source ++ Phytec  ++  Sedeco Imaging ++ Vision Components ++ …

Find more information here: www.embedded-vision-emva.org

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