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MAY 2018

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EMVA Business Conference 2018
More than 120 attendees registered for 2018 edition –
Panel Discussion to become one highlight!

Registration for the 16th edition of our annual Business Conference comes to its end as more than 120 managing directors, corporate strategists, marketing directors, technical managers and other executives of our business already decided to meet from 7-9 June in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Surely one highlight of this year’s conference will be the panel discussion on ‘Mergers & Acquisitions in Machine Vision‘.

Guests are Giancarlo Beraudo, Partner at Ambienta, Max Hodeau, CEO at TIAMA, Martin Wäny, CEO at TechnologiesMW and Chris Yates, Director of Advanced Technology, Safety, Sensing, and Connectivity Business Unit at Rockwell Automation.

M&A in Machine Vision is a hot topic: vision technologies are becoming ubiquitous across all industries from manufacturing to consumer goods and in this wake vision companies are attractive targets for strategic and financial investors alike. The still young market is maturing and consolidating, and growth through mergers is a smart way for company owners to accelerate their success.
The EMVA panel discussion will provide the audience with insights from buyers and sellers of machine vision companies and look into best practices and lessons learned. The panel is hosted by Gabriele Jansen, the owner of a M&A boutique advisory specialized on machine vision transactions.

IVSM in Frankfurt
EMVA hosts two new standards!

EMVA Standards Manager Arnaud Darmont reports major breakthroughs from the International Machine Vision Standards Meeting which took place mid of May in Frankfurt.
The delegates approved to establish standard working groups for two new important machine vision standards that were both initiated and are now hosted by the EMVA. Read more ›


Member News

Imaging Veteran Joins FRAMOS as Vice President of Sensor Engineering

Chris Barrett, an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in engineering, R&D, operations and product development has joined FRAMOS as its Vice President of Sensor Engineering.

Leading the global FRAMOS Sensor and Module engineering group, Barrett comes with a wealth of experience working in imaging companies, driving innovation and new technologies.

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EMVA welcomes new member


DSUALAB is an artificial intelligence-based provider of Deep Learning Machine Vision Solutions. SUALAB, home of excellent engineers from deep learning and machinery fields, combines the technologies of those industries to fuel research into various technologies and products that make human life more convenient. In particular, SUALAB enables inspection of the manufacturing industry by researching various machine vision systems that can replace the human eye in the industrial field based on deep learning, machine vision and super computing technologies. Read more ›

Upcoming Heidelberg Image Processing Forum


Multimodal image acquisition and image processing is the focus of the 69th Heidelberg Image Processing Forum at the Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe on July 3, 2018. Hyperspectral imaging from satellites meets industrial inspection, chemometrics meets image processing, newest polarizing image sensors and processing are introduced.
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Xenics and Ophir Spiricon partner for laser beam profiling applications


An application at Ophir-Spiricon [RIE] called for the beam analysis of a 1550 nm SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) laser source with a challenging optical arrangement. Signal loss occurred at each beam transfer across multiple reflective surfaces. A very sensitive camera with frame summing was required to bring out the full beam pattern, size, and depth.

The 1550 nm laser source was measured with an Ophir laser power sensor at 1.5 mW, with a beam diameter of 3.5 mm. Read more ›


Case Study

PCB Inspection gets a Quality Boost

For optical PCB inspection in 3D with 24 bit color resolution, Japanese company MEK Marantz Electronics uses Silicon Software’s LightBridge external image processing device. The device enables easy connection of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) devices to host PCs running Apple’s Mac OSX operating system via Thunderbolt™ cables.
Read more ›

Recent case studies

Read more ›




Extended EMVA1288 portfolio

Image AEON has significantly extended its EMVA 1288 measuring capabilities. Full camera characterization is now also possible in the UV down to 278 nm and in the SWIR and spectral characterization is possible from 210 – 1050 nm even for high speed cameras with exposure times down to 20 μs. Challenge us with your demands.
Read more ›

CoaXPress 2.0: Twice the Speed, Lower Costs,
Greater Flexibility

Image As price pressures increase due to global competitiveness, productivity remains the key focus for successful manufacturers with 100% quality assurance its Holy Grail. Machine vision, with its ability to pinpoint the most minute defect or flaw, has long been considered a means for achieving higher quality and therefore, greater productivity. The CoaXPress standard has made this promise a reality for larger manufacturers across a spectrum of industries in high-end inspection applications. Launched less than a decade ago, CoaXPress has carved out a market niche on the quality-sensitive, high-speed end of the machine vision spectrum.
Read more ›

MX-1502 series successfully launched in no time

Image New Cognex MX-1502 mobile terminals provide efficient documentation of goods at VTL.
Cognex has successfully launched its new MX-1502 mobile data terminals. These modular devices are mainly used in logistics. VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik, a general cargo cooperative based in Fulda, has recently also been using the Cognex MX-1502 readers for mobile logging of logistics data..
Read more ›

New SLVS-EC RX IP Core for Xilinx FPGA’s

Image FRAMOS officially launched the first SLVS-EC RX IP Core for easy sensor interfacing with FPGAs from Xilinx on May 15. The proprietary FRAMOS FPGA module available with an Evaluation Kit, connects SONY’s latest high-speed SLVS-EC interface with Xilinx FPGAs and enables vision engineers to seamlessly upgrade to Sony’s interface technology of the future and to create high-performance vision solutions. Based on the long-term partnership with Sony and as official Xilinx partner, the FRAMOS IP product provides the technological basis for future camera developments and Embedded Vision devices.
Read more ›

SONY’s New IMX425/432 Imagers for High-speed Factory Automation

Image SONY has released their new image sensors within its cutting-edge third generation Pregius line, featuring the SLVS-EC high-speed interface.
Both the CMOS Global Shutter IMX425 and the IMX432, with a 1.1” optical format, provide 1,78 Megapixel resolution, and a pixel pitch of 9µm for excellent image quality. These next generation sensors are available at FRAMOS®. The IMX425 is a perfect fit for high-speed factory automation with an 8 / 10 / 12-bit A/D converter and a throughput of up to 565 frames per second (fps) at a 10-bit pixel depth. Read more ›

PROPHESEE introduces Onboard™

Image Prophesee SA (formerly Chronocam), inventor of the most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, today introduced its first commercial implementation of the company’s breakthrough event-based vision technology for machines. The Onboard™ reference system is aimed at developers of vision-enabled industrial automation systems such as robots, inspection equipment, and monitoring and surveillance devices. It features a Prophesee-enabled VGA-resolution camera combined with a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor and can be quickly integrated into a production camera system design.
Read more ›


CoaXPress frame grabber series completed

Image Silicon Software GmbH, manufacturer of frame grabbers and intelligent image processing solutions, introduces two new members to its microEnable 5 marathon CXP family, the ACX-SP and ACX-DP that focus on the CoaXPress standard for demanding high-speed applications. All compatible CoaXPress camera types can be connected to the image acquisition and processing boards. They are suited for all CoaXPress configurations (CXP-1 to CXP-6) according to version 1.1.1. Read more ›

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Vision, Robotics & Motion

6 – 7 June 2018
Veldhoven, Netherlands
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chii2018 – Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

6 – 7 June 2018
Graz, Austria
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EMVA Business Conference

7 – 9 June 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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19 – 22 June 2018
Munich, Germany
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Heidelberg Image Processing Forum

3 July 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

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