Intelligence Machine Vision Lab

SUALAB is an artificial intelligence-based provider of Deep Learning Machine Vision Solutions. SUALAB, home of excellent engineers from deep learning and machinery fields, combines the technologies of those industries to fuel research into various technologies and products that make human life more convenient. In particular, SUALAB enables inspection of the manufacturing industry by researching various machine vision systems that can replace the human eye in the industrial field based on deep learning, machine vision and super computing technologies.

-Smart factory solution provider based on deep learning and machine vision

-Main product: SuaKIT (Deep learning S/W library for machine vision)

-Application: Eletronics(Display, semiconductor, battery, solar cell/panel, etc.) / Automotive/ Others(non-destructive, steelt, films, etc.)

-Clients: Samsung, Toyota, Panasonic, LG and numerous world-famous manufacturing companies


2018 Innovators Awards SILVER-level honoree (Awarded by Vision Systems Design)

2017 Innovators Awards PLATINIM-level honoree (Awarded by Vision Systems Design)

2016 Global Top 8 Machine Vision Company (selected by AIA)

Company type
System Solution Provider


Gwanak-ro 1 Seoul National University Research Park Main Building Suite 511
Seoul Gwanak-gu
Korea, Republic Of

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