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June 2016

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Welcome to the EMVA newsletter! Each month it provides hands-on information on machine vision in Europe and the world. Find out about the latest projects of the EMVA, innovative products, what’s going on in the machine vision industry and interesting events.

EMVA Business Conference 2016

Keynote on ‘Brexit’ more actual then ever!

The 2016 EMVA conference joined 120 attendees and guests for top noche speeches and excellent networking opportunities in Edinburgh.

With his opening keynote ‘In or Out of Europe: An Economic Perspective‘ Martin Vander-Weyer, Financial Journalist and Columnist for The Spectator, got the audience into the Brexit scenario just days before the British referendum.
Very seldom a conference keynote hits an international industry relevant topic with such high currentness.

During 100+ pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings attendees could meet their peers and built new business relationships or simply exchange ideas with colleagues.

The work of Mr. Tolga Birdal, TU Munich, on ‘Reconstruction via Detection: Efficient and Automatic Reconstruction from Unorganized 3D Scans‘ was honored with the 2016 Young Professional Award.

Photo Vander Weyer


In his conference wrap-up EMVA General Secretary Thomas Lübkemeier could look back on three days full of information but also very enjoyable networking hours during the evening events. Finally he announced the 2017 EMVA Business Conference to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 22 – 24 June 2017.

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European Machine Vision Forum

EMVA’s brand new annual two-day event, where machine vision industry and academic research meet to learn from each other, get an understanding of the newest research results, of open problems from applications, learn about new and emerging application fields, and to discuss new research cooperation between industry and academics.
The first forum will take place at Heidelberg University, Germany, and focus on image processing algorithms – from low level to deep learning.

Member News

The EMVA welcomes new member:

Grundium Ltd.

Grundium Logo

Grundium designs, manufactures, and markets high performance industrial cameras and machine vision solutions for whole offering providers in:
• Machine Vision
• Healthcare
• Global Security
• Automotive

Grundium‘s high resolution cameras offer a unique combination of excellence in image quality, speed, and reliability. With optimized functionality for the needs of specific applications, Grundium cameras exceed general purpose.

Grundium is a reliable partner with a focus on establishing long term relationships with foresightful partners cross the world.

Grundium aligns its roadmap in close cooperation with industry leaders and monitors the market for the latest technology to continuously provide innovative cameras that enhance Grundimum‘s customers’ competitiveness. With our capabilities, modular designs, process control and commitment to partnership, we can tailor to the exact solution required in a short time to market and with low risk. Read on…

Tough supply situation ahead for SONY CMOS Image Sensors

Due to the recent heavy earthquakes on Japan’s Kyushu Island, production of various semiconductor manufacturers, especially in the Kumamoto area, has been interrupted. SONY’s manufacturing site for CMOS image sensors and other CMOS components like Micro OLED or LCOS displays has been affected. SONY is currently undertaking serious efforts to re-ramp production as quickly as possible. As of this week the back-end processes like assembly and testing in the Kumamoto fab are back to work, and the wafer fab areas will be started sequentially as of today. Although there was a delay in the supply of components to SONY from certain third-party suppliers that also have manufacturing facilities in the Kumamoto region, inventory adjustments have been made and a timeframe for regaining supply levels is now in place, so no material impact is anticipated on SONY’s business operations.

Axel Krepil, head of the Image Sensor Sales Division of SONY’s dedicated distributor FRAMOS said …. Read on…



FRAMOS – The value of independent performance measurements for sensors,
cameras and lenses

The large number of manufacturers and models and the wide-ranging functionality available on the image processing market often make it difficult for customers and system integrators to choose the right camera or image sensor for their specific application. Framos Press
Many technical data sheets do not contain all the necessary information and, depending on the manufacturer, they may be based on different performance figures, which means that they cannot be compared with one another. This is where the FRAMOS Technical Support comes in, with a comprehensive range of testing and measurement services. The product expertise of our image processing specialists allows them to constantly improve the services they provide and to offer customers detailed, non-proprietary advice. Additional services include running individual tests under conditions that are specific to the customer and the application and testing product ranges for camera manufacturers. Read on…

Recent Case Studies


Introducing the FireBird Camera Link Deca Low Profile frame grabber

Active Silicon Press Active Silicon with its broad range of CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers presents itself as a universal partner for virtually any demanding machine vision application. The latest addition to the state-of-the-art FireBird series is the FireBird Camera Link Deca Low Profile board.
Read on …

ALLIED VISION – Vimba 2.0 nominated for inspect award 2017

Allied Press Allied Vision’s new Software Development Kit (SDK), Vimba 2.0, has been nominated by a panel of judges to be a candidate for the inspect award 2017 in the category “Vision”. Products which met the judges’ requirements were placed on the shortlist of final candidates. Key criteria that needed to be met were: does the solution offer the highest innovation, the best user benefit and a significant unique selling point. Vimba 2.0 satisfied the judges by meeting all requirements. Read on …

GAPI SDK for ARM® processors allows for simplified implementation of embedded vision applications

Baumer Press The newest SDK version of the Baumer GAPI for Linux® ARM® processors supports optimally harmonized software integration of Baumer GigE cameras in embedded vision applications. Accessing cost- and energy-efficient ARM®-based hardware platforms will reduce system cost. Existing applications can be easily ported to ARM®-based platforms to benefit from reduced development time and cost without requiring new developments. Read on …

Cognex Introduces Industry’s First Image-based Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution

Cognex Press Cognex Corporation today announced its Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution (ABH-ID), the first image-based automatic tag reader (ATR) system that overcomes the limitations of current laser-based baggage ID systems. Cognex technology provides significantly higher read rates over laser-based systems, reducing the costs associated with manual delivery of lost or late checked luggage. Read on …

e2v launches dual-line ELiiXA+ line scan cameras

E2V Press e2v’s ELiiXA+ family of line scan cameras has been expanded to include two new dual-line 8k monochrome models, providing customers with 5μm pixels that can be operated in two active CMOS line modes (depending on user settings). This enables users to achieve higher line rates and sensitivity, at a very attractive price. Read on …

e2v launches dual-line ELiiXA+ line scan cameras

E2V Press e2v has announced the launch of the Onyx 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor. This new sensor has been designed using e2v’s advanced CMOS imaging technology, making it ideal for low light applications where premium performance imaging is required. Read on …

TATTILE – TAG-7: the new generation of “made in Tattile” Line Scan Cameras

Tattile Press Tattile’s TAG-7 Series is a range of technologically advanced line scan cameras designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements of machine vision applications where high resolution and high speed performances are a must. Read on …

Three New Line Scan Cameras deliver low-cost Color Fidelity

DALSA Press Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision, announced the release of three new color models in its Linea family of low-cost high-value line scan cameras, including 2k and 4k resolution GigE Vision models and an 8k Camera Link® model. Linea cameras address the mainstream market for machine vision applications and deliver high speed and great responsivity at an exceptional price point.
Read on …

Job offers


Teamleiter Order Fulfillment Center (m/w)

Firmware Verification Specialist (FPGA/µC) (m/f)



Heidelberg Image Forum

5 July 2016

Bensheim, Germany
European Machine Vision Forum

8 – 9 September 2016

Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg Image Forum

4 October 2016

Renningen, Germany

8 – 10 November 2016

Stuttgart, Germany

SPS IPC Drives

22 – 24 November 2016

Nuremberg, Germany


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