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EMVA Business Conference 2018
Early Bird registration ends Friday!

Meet CEOs, managing directors, corporate strategists, marketing directors, technical managers and other executives of our business to exchange market intelligence and news of innovative technologies.
The annual EMVA Businesss Conference will take place from
7 – 9 June in Dubrovnik. Starting on Thursday it will end with an optional networking tour on Saturday afternoon.

And Dubrovnik, the beautiful UNESCO world heritage city at the Croation coast, surely is the perfect place to stay even for a relaxing Sunday after the conference.

Early booking reduced fees available until 2 February!
Find the details and registration at www.business-conference-emva.org

Member News

EMVA welcomes new member
Fraunhofer-Allianz Vision


The Fraunhofer Vision Alliance pools the expertise of the Fraunhofer Institutes in the fields of machine vision, image processing, optical testing and measurement techniques.
The cooperation within this network enables the early detection of requirements of the market and allows the Fraunhofer Vision Institutes to tackle technological challenges. Having a clear focus on applied research, the network pursues the objective of making new developments accessible under industrial conditions. Read more ›

Together with the Fraunhofer-Allianz Vision several Fraunhofer institutes being involved in machine vision, image processing or related technologies joined the EMVA.
Please find them all via:


EMVA welcomes new member

Phaer, founded in 2007 and based in Gent, Belgium, represents technology leading vision component manufacturers in the Benelux market. Phaer provides it’s customers “advance in business with vision”. Besides consulting and delivering innovative products, Phaer provides “vision system development support services “, which are rooted in more than 20 years ‘know how’ in supporting vision experts with the selection, validation and application of vision components. The core of PHAER’s business is the combined know how in the fields of marketing, business development and vision technology, which is grounded in the company’s values result-driven, quality, integrity, authenticity and environment. Read more ›



MaxxVision takes over sales from HIKVISION

Image MaxxVision and Hikvision agree on cooperation for the German-speaking region in the field of image processing.
The Stuttgart based distributor of image processing MaxxVision announces the cooperation with HIKvision one of the world’s largest camera manufacturers.
It includes the sales and marketing of the machine vision components portfolio of Hikvision in German speaking countries.
Read more ›

Case Study

FRAMOS – Research Project
In the Future, Robots Will Help to Empty Sea Containers

The Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics at the University of Bremen (BIBA), in collaboration with its development partners BLG Handelslogistik, Schulz Systemtechnik, and FRAMOS®, is conducting research on the automated unloading of standard 40-foot containers, with the project, “Interactive Robotic System for Unloading of Sea Containers” (IRiS). In the future, intelligent robots will carry out this difficult and predominantly manual task, automatically. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is funding the three-year project with 2.2 million euros; and, TÜV Rheinland is on- board as a sponsor of the project. Read more ›

Recent case studies

Read more ›




New BitFlow BitBox™ is optimal I/O solution for Machine Vision

Image The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects all technologies, systems, and components involved in the industrial value creation process to each other as well as to company networks and the Internet. With connectively playing a critical role in this scenario, BitFlow today announced it is shipping a new breakthrough I/O device for machine vision which provides an unprecedented 36 inputs and 36 outputs in a compact, DIN-rail mounted form factor supporting TTL, LVDS, open collector, opto-isolated and 24V signaling. Read more ›

Fujinon Anti-Shock & Vibration design

Image Industrial imaging systems are frequently subject to strong accelerations, shocks, and vibrations. This is especially true for mobile systems, like robot-guided 3D scanners, but also for fixed installations. Fujifilm has investigated the impact of shocks and vibrations on industrial fixed focal lenses via a dedicated test procedure. In many cases, the procedure leads to a significant reduction of the resolution and to a shift of the optical axis. However, the intensity of the effects depends heavily on the mechanical design of a camera lens – a widely underestimated aspect at the selection of fixed focal lenses. Read more ›

How an LED Current Controller Can Improve Your Vision System


Have you ever struggled with camera settings to get the best image? Balancing exposure time with the light available and still getting crystal clear images of fast moving objects can be challenging. Experiencing errors in your measurement precision due to subtle fluctuations in your illumination is very frustrating. If you understand this pain, then you need to take control of your LEDs.

Fortunately, tools exist to help. LED Controllers can be used to maintain a rock-solid output power for an ‘always on’ LED, also allowing you to synchronize and safely overdrive an LED to get dramatic increases in optical output power pulsed in-line with your camera exposure. Read more ›

JAI – Launch of multi-sensor 3-CMOS area scan camera

Image JAI announces the launch of a new multi-sensor industrial camera in the Apex Series. The Apex AP-3200T-USB is a 3-CMOS prism-based industrial R-G-B area scan camera providing better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer color cameras. The camera is built around three PregiusTM IMX265 1/1.8 inch sensors featuring 2064 x 1544 pixels and pixel sizes of
3.45 µm x 3.45 µm.
Read more ›

Deep Vision becomes reality with CNN

Image Deep learning with neural networks will strongly influence the future of image processing, as this approach provides a number of significant advantages regarding classification and analysis results as well as final image quality. Since small neural networks suffice for many typical vision applications,
processors such as FPGAs can be implemented effectively for convolutional neural networks (CNNs). This results in a wide application field far beyond current classification tasks and efficient use within embedded vision systems is also possible. Read more ›

hr120 – the new reference in high resolution industrial camerasEnhanced precision!

ImageHeart of the new hr120 is the new Canon APS-H rolling shutter CMOS sensor with 13,272 x 9,176 square 2.4µm pixels. The sensor takes benefits from the new temperature concept of the revised HR series body design. Its optimized temperature management gives an outstanding optical precision, along with an excellent image homogeneity.This enables the sophisticated electronics to take full advantage of the low noise sensor, thus providing an impressive high dynamic range.

The M58 lens mount offers maximum flexibility in the selection of lenses and adapters. Read more ›

TELEDYNE DALSA new 1.3M cameras optimized for price and performance

Image Teledyne DALSA is pleased to introduce its newest Genie Nano cameras built around ON Semiconductor’s Python P3 1.3M CMOS image sensors. These new models feature a global shutter, with 1280 x 1024 resolution, and image capture of up to 83 frames-per-second with Teledyne’s TurboDrive technology.

Developed for cost-conscious imaging applications that don’t require the higher speed of On Semi’s P1 sensors, the latest P3-based cameras are available in color and monochrome. As with all Genie Nano cameras, customers can expect smear-free imaging, strong build quality and easy implementation.
Read more ›

Ultra high speed SWIR linear detector, now a PRISM Awards finalist

Image Entering the finalists round in the SPIE PRISM Awards for the category “Detectors and Sensors”, the XLIN-FC series are the latest linescan SWIR InGaAs detectors from Xenics. Using flip-chip (FC) type hybridization, we offer two high speed detector types:
XLIN-FC R with rectangular pixels for spectroscopy applications and XLIN-FC SQ with square pixels for machine vision inspection applications.

The detectors operate in low illumination conditions thanks to a new high-sensitivity ROIC (read-out integrated circuit) developed in-house by Xenics. The InGaAs photodetectors also exhibit a high QE in the 900 to 1700 nm wavelength range.
Read more ›

3500 Fps high speed camera and other fast models are available

Image Following the release of the initial model with 12 Mpix at 333 Fps, XIMEA is now ready for orders of two additional versions with speeds up to 3500 frames per second.
The exceptionally fast PCIe interface allows the xiB-64 camera family to stream data at speeds as high as 64 Gbit/s over distances of up to 300m without the need of expensive frame grabbers or special, complicated software. Resolution range of this camera line starts from 1 Mpix to 16 Mpix and is further enhanced with a Canon lens EF-mount that allows remote control of aperture, focus and image stabilization.. Read more ›




Job offers

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Silicon Software

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SPIE Photonics West

27 January – 1 February 2018
San Francisco, CA, US
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Embedded World

27 February – 1 March 2018
Nuremberg, Germany
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Israel Machine Vision Conference

6 March 2018
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Image Sensors Europe

14 – 15 March 2018
London, UK
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Vision China

14 – 16 March 2018
Shanghai, China
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2. Industrial Vision Conference

21 – 22 March 2018
Ludwigsburg, Germany
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The Vision Show

10 – 12 April 2018
Boston, MA, US
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Hannover Fair

23 – 27 April 2018
Hannover, Germany
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Control Vision Talks

24 – 26 April 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
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UKIVA machine vision conference

16 May 2018
Milton Keynes, UK
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sps ipc drives Italy

22 – 24 May 2018
Parma, Italy
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Vision, Robotics & Motion

6 – 7 June 2018
Veldhoven, Netherlands
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EMVA Business Conference

7 – 9 June 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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