Robot for foosball table using XIMEA high speed camera

Foosball: Human versus Robot using high speed XIMEA camera.

Professors and students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne are developing a robotic player installed into a foosball table.
The plan is to make it more accurate, faster, and more strategic than any potential human player.

Therefore, the system should be able to find the ball’s position on the table, evaluate a strategy of how to score and execute it with the help of precision motors.
The latest performance improvements to the vision and strategy aspects were made possible by the implementation of a high-speed camera from XIMEA.

The camera, placed under the table, runs at 500 frames per second (fps) and creates a solid basis for the detection and control of the ball in real time.
At its current stage of development, the foosball table robot is able to beat any regular player it encounters.