Machine vision ensures orderliness in new high-bay warehouse

Kiefel GmbH, which belongs to the Brückner Group, stocks up to 14,000 parts in its new high-bay system at its site in Freilassing with a storage area of around 1400 m² and a footprint of 120 m². Machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING and the know-how of the integrator phil-vision ensure that the company doesn’t lose track of things.
“We wanted to achieve more storage space on a smaller footprint than we have up to now and at the same time make our warehouse more comfortable,” says Robert Hammer, logistics manager at Kiefel GmbH in Freilassing, describing the essential goals behind the change to a high-bay system, which was put into operation in spring 2017. Since then twelve Kardex high-bay towers have provided sufficient space at the company’s main plant for the tidy storage of up to 14,000 parts.