Kibele-PIMS Shows How Imaging Ensures Food is Reliably Sorted and Packaged

Fully Automated Packaging Systems Use Reliable, Durable Cameras to Ensure Sufficient Resolution and Speed for Flawless Sorting and Packaging

In their facilities in Istanbul, Kibele-PIMS has developed and commissioned two state-of-the-art, fully automated systems for the Unilever companies Knorr and Lipton, where food is identified, sorted and then stacked on pallets by robots. The larger of the two systems was built for Knorr. Its task is to classify the types of soup, sauces and other company products, packaged in small batches, that are delivered from production via a 27-meter-long feeding conveyor, and then to transfer the identified product types to the respective packing station. In this way, the cartons are sorted according to type across 17 stations, where three Kuka robots installed on linear axes place them on pallets and wrap them with adhesive film as soon as a pallet is fully loaded. Finished pallets are then made available on conveyor belts for collection by trucks.