Inspecting Paper Rolls with Ingenuity

High-Speed Barcode Scanning and OCR with the help of Color TDI Imaging

Integro Technologies, a turnkey machine vision system integrator, recently worked with a customer who had a very specific need: create a cost-effective and error free solution for the inspection of large rolls of shrink-wrapped paper.

When approaching this particular inspection challenge, Integro identified that a machine vision system of this scale would need to meet two goals. Firstly, the implemented system must be able to locate the paper labels attached to the rolls and be able to read the associated linear barcode on the label which contains critical information unique to each. In addition to the barcode information and the color of the label, the text on the label must be identified by performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR is the electronic recognition of printed or written text by a computer and can perform certain functions like product tracking.