High-tech Cheese Protection: Heat-sealed joint inspection with hyperspectral imaging

Bergader Privatkäserei, established in 1902, relies on state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional craftsmanship in the manufacture of its cheese specialities. A hyperspectral imaging system is being used for the first time for the packaging of the blue cheese ‘Bergader Edelpilz’.

Markus Leibold, account manager of Bergader and regional sales manager for Minebea Intec, a leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection solutions, and supplier of the new system for the inspection of heat-sealed joints says, “As far as I know there is no other food production plant in the world that uses a hyperspectral imaging system to inspect the heat-sealed joint on the packaging, thus providing 100% certainty that every single cheese package meets the requirements for air-tightness.” Markus Leibold and the development team from Minebea Intec from Aachen were present right from the start when Bergader began to consider a fully automated solution for the inspection of heat-sealed joints at its headquarters in Waging am See, Bavaria.

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