Application Food Logistics „at its best“ – Logistic Automation with Imaging

Price competition in the food trade is extremely tough. This is why efficient processes play an important role, and logistics is no exception. FRAMOS worked with a major food retailer to automate its central warehouse. FRAMOS solutions were installed at various processing stations, using traditional imaging processing, self-learning algorithms and classifiers to ensure robust and smooth operation. For example this enables the systems in the ‘empty containers centre’, to recognise different container types and select the correct process path. This recognition is possible even if they are covered in dirt or partially occluded by large labels.

A supermarket chain in Switzerland is currently using FRAMOS expertise, ‘FRAMOS Sorting Intelligence’ along-side its own system configurations to perform four different sorting and recognition tasks. These are part of the delivery chain within its logistics centre. These provide an insight into the benefits Imaging can provide to all retail and mail order sectors as optimising logistics is essential to lower costs, increase throughput and increase reliability.