Petra Thanner

”Together, we achieve more and make new solutions possible. This is especially true in the field of machine vision and even more so in applied research. Despite working in machine vision for over 25 years, each day presents new and highly interesting tasks, keeping my passion for this field alive.
I am convinced that future machine vision systems will no longer function as standalone sensors; instead, they will be integrated into holistic sensor and parameter networks within complex production processes, enabling quality-controlled process optimization. Machine vision plays a crucial role in enhancing Europe’s innovative capacity and securing its position as a manufacturing leader.
My primary motivation is to translate research findings into industrial applications, thereby helping companies become more resilient and competitive. I see myself as a bridge between research and industry, merging novel research results with industrial needs and initiating discussions about new solutions and ideas. I look forward to elevating this connection to a broader, international level as an EMVA board member.”

Short CV

Petra Thanner, MSc, MBA, is a Senior Research Engineer at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the largest institution for applied research in Austria. She studied in Vienna, Krems, and Anchorage (Alaska) and focuses on developing new solutions for automating optical quality control.

Since starting her career in machine vision in 1995, she has been actively involved in applied research. Currently, she oversees Business Development activities for the High-Performance Vision Systems Competence Unit, which focuses on researching and developing new technologies and solutions for automated industrial inspection. In this role, she bridges cutting-edge scientific research with industry needs, fostering innovations for optimized and sustainable production processes. Additionally, she leads the 3D inspection and measurement team, dedicated to developing innovative technologies for inline 3D and 2D quality assurance methods.

The High-Performance Vision Systems Group at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology holds a recognized position in the field of high-performance image processing at an international technological and scientific level. The experts work in close cooperation with leading companies from industry and the public sector in the key technology areas of “3D image processing” and “automated optical quality inspection”. The services offered range from strategic research to prototype development and integration into the plant. The close cooperation with industry enables cutting-edge technologies for high-performance inspection systems that are successfully used both nationally and internationally.

Petra was elected into the EMVA Board of Directors by the General Assembly 2024, held in Gdansk, Poland.