Maurice van der Aa

Building the bridge between IT and OT to enable next generation AI enabled Computer Vision applications.”

Short CV

As long term EMVA member it would be an honor for me to represent the community as a board member.

My field of expertise lays in the computational part (x86 and ARM), as I’ve been in the IT business for over 20 years. The last 10+ years I’ve been working at Advantech, who is a market leader in Industrial PC, as a Product Manager and Solution Architect, where I’ve been helping and educating our sales teams and customer with Computer Vision application requirements.

Over the last 5 years my focus has been on AI enabled applications, going from traditional x86 with Frame Grabbers towards optimized accelerated systems. During those years we’ve developed a sustainable ECO-System for customers in this new era of AI enable Computer Vision applications. With my experience added to the board, I believe we can bridge the GAP of IT and OT.

Maurice was elected into the EMVA Board of Directors by the General Assembly 2024, held in Gdansk, Poland.