Dr. Ronald Müller

”For 20 years, I am fascinated by Machine Vision as one of the key technologies and innovation drivers of the 21st century. The international Machine Vision industry is blessed with many small and medium-sized enterprises, which develop and produce outstanding products for various target markets. Such as my company Vision Markets, I am eager to dedicate my work at the EMVA board to making Machine Vision companies thrive, globally.
In line with such mission, I will support the EMVA in providing its members with competitive advantages. EMVA members shall benefit from enhanced access to their target customers, shared market intelligence as well as facilitated know-how exchange and collaboration.
Since my business activities are by 80% international and by 50% outside Europe, I would also like to add my global view to the design of a sustainable growth strategy with the EMVA board and support with the acquisition of new members from my client base and personal network across Europe, North America, China, and Israel”

Short CV

Ronald Mueller is an expert in the global machine vision industry. He is known for his technical know-how, his management skills, and his first-hand experience in machine vision sales in Europe, North America, and China. Based on these competencies, Ronald founded the consulting firm Vision Markets in 2014. He, his team, and the Vision Markets Network of experts are dedicated to making businesses thrive in the globalized growth market of machine vision. The consulting services are focused on 4 areas: Strategy, M&A, Recruitment, and Marketing.
Ronald has a Ph.D. in computer vision and machine learning from Munich University of Technology (TUM). He then joined Altran (now Capgemini Engineering) as Business Unit Manager for automotive engineering consulting services before he joined the EMVA member company Framos as VP Marketing in 2010 where he built up the company’s first American office as COO in 2014.
Today, Ronald serves as member of two innovation award juries and six advisory boards of international trade conferences about imaging technologies. He is invited speaker at various trade events to share his insights into trends of the machine vision market. His regular columns are published in the leading trade magazines of Europe and North America.

Ronald was elected into the EMVA Board of Directors by the General Assembly 2021, held in online format.