Dr. Benjamin Cocquelin

”Machine vision is becoming part of the industry daily life. It helps in different market segments to automatize processes and at the same time more and more people are using machine vision technology. I would like to bring to the EMVA an end user perspective and bring all actors in the machine vision industry to improve the end user experience. This ambition will be achieved only through the collaboration and the diversity of all the EMVA members. My commitment is to listen actively, act thoughtfully, ensuring that our association remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional value and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our users. I will also bring more sustainability perspectives in our association to keep building a future with lasting relationships.”

Short CV

Dr. Benjamin Cocquelin is the Director of Research and Development at Tiama, a leading company in the field of glass inspection and process improvment systems accelerating the sustainable transition of the packaging industry.

He holds a degree in Engineering from Insitut d’Optique Graduate school, where he specialized in Laser Physics. He holds a Doctorate in Laser and quantum physics for space applications. At the beginning of his carreer, he worked for different French public organizations CNRS, CNES and CEA. Then he worked as project manager for the Laser Industry in Eolite Systems.

At Tiama, Benjamin Cocquelin has been driving forward the company’s R&D initiatives, leading a team of dedicated engineers and researchers, working in close collaboration with packaging manufacturers.

He was elected into the EMVA Board of Directors by the General Assembly 2024 in Gdansk, Poland.