• EMVA welcomes new member ‘CHRONOCAM’

    Chronocam’s technology strategy is built on a straight-forward premise: in order to enable a safer, more efficient world though the capabilities of machine vision, we need to re-think traditional vision and processing. Our technology introduces a new computer vision paradigm ... read more

    Olivier Despont (Cognex) gives talk at EVE 2017

    'Deep learning for machine vision' Olivier Despont, ViDi Product Marketing Specialist at Cognex, presents at the 2017 Embedded VISION Europe conference. Passionate by innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Olivier Despont spent the last 3 years working for ViDI systems SA, a ... read more

    Alexey Myakov (Intel) presents keynote at EVE 2017

    'Enabling Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Real Life' Alexey Myakov, Chief Computer Vision Advocate at Intel Corporation, presents keynote at the 2017 Embedded VISION Europe conference. Alex serves as Chief Computer Vision (CV) Advocate at Intel. In this role ... read more

    Raj Talluri (Qualcomm) gives Keynote at EVE 2017

    'Innovations in camera processing and computer vision for IoT applications' The EMVA proudly presents Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, giving his keynote  at Embedded VISION Europe conference. Raj Talluri serves as senior vice president ... read more
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  • Imaging Experts Academy

    FRAMOS is the specialist for everything from sensors to systems, and is always at the cutting edge of technological developments in imaging. We pass on this knowledge to our customers with our Imaging Experts Academy, so that they are best ... read more

    European Imaging Academy

    The European Imaging Academy (EIA) offers a wide range of hands-on trainings, videos and events to level up your imaging and machine vision knowledge. Beginners will understand the basics of machine vision while professionals will get a deeper insight and ... read more

    Continuing Education Institute

    Regardless if your expertise lies in “Multi-Clock Domain Systems-on-Chips”, “IC Reliability”, “Plasma Etching” or “Lithography”, your knowledge and experience is a valuable asset well worth sharing. At CEI-Europe courses you build expert knowledge on top of a strong foundation, expand ... read more

    Control Vision Talks 2018

    24 - 26 April 2018 | Stuttgart, Germany

    The Control show organiser and the EMVA are going to continue their partnership around the 32nd Control in 2018. Forum for Machine Vision & Optical Metrology at Control 2018 At Control 2018 the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) in partnership ... read more
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  • EMVA 1288 – The Basics

    This video explains the highlights of the new release 3.1 of the EMVA 1288 standard for objective camera characterization in effect since December 30, 2016. Watch video
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