Vision related EU projects

Several European projects related to machine vision, image processing and respective application fields are still ongoing or have been started recently.

Please find interesting examples in this section and check for participation opportunities.

Tulipp will develop a reference platform that defines implementation rules and interfaces to tackle power consumption issues while delivering high, efficient and guaranteed computing performance for image processing applications. Using this reference platform will enable designers to develop an elementary ... Go to project
Underwater Time Of Flight Image Acquisition – UTOFIA
A new compact, cost-efficient concept for underwater range-gated imaging system. UTOFIA, a H2020 project (633098) started in February 2015, will offer a compact and cost-effective underwater imaging system for turbid environments. Using range-gated imaging (Figure 1), the system will extend ... Go to project
CISTERN aims to research technologies for CMOS image sensors, time of flight sensors, zoom optics, multispectral imaging and real time image processing algorithms that are needed in the next generation of several application domains. Application domains that will be covered ... Go to project
The SEERS Project
The major goal of SEERS is to develop a snapshot spectral imager in the IR range based on low cost uncooled FPAs, with embedded processing capabilities. The targeted range includes near infrared (NIR), short wavelength infrared (SWIR), mid wavelength infrared ... Go to project
In a world where explosive, toxic or otherwise lethal substances are, sadly, no longer restricted to theatres of war, but are becoming increasingly common in civilian areas (encountered either by misfortune or misadventure), the ability to detect and identify hazardous ... Go to project
The objective of the I-ALLOW project is to study, design, develop and test an innovative imaging solution which improves the safety of population and infrastructure in day-time, night-time and all-weather conditions. Go to project
Eyes of Things
"Eyes of Things” is an international project focused on building the best embedded computer vision platform ever. EoT is an Innovation Action funded under the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme that is going to unfold for three years starting in ... Go to project
SLOPE Project
The SLOPE project will integrate information from remote sensing and on-field surveying systems, to support analysis to characterize forest resources. Spatial information will be integrated with multi-sensor data in a model for Sustainable Forest Management and for optimization of logistics ... Go to project
The project will develop three types of modules that can cope with the typical variability of food products and the requirements of the sector regarding hygiene, economics and adaptability, which will be working closely together: A sensing module that assesses quality of ... read more
Clever Robots for Crops
Crops was a large-scale integrating FP7 EU project in the theme Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies within the call: Automation and robotics for sustainable crop and forestry management. The project started in October 2010 and was accomplished in September 2014. ... Go to project