Quarterly European Vision Sales Report

Receiving continuous and trustful market data for the European and North American Vision Market surely is of high interest for all involved stakeholders. First time announced during the EMVA Business Conference 2013 in Barcelona the EMVA performs a quarterly survey on Vision Sales in Europe. The basic idea and goals are:

  • Quarterly 2-pages vision sales report per product categories including
    – Sales respectively Turnover
    – Growth history
    – Growth expectation
  • EMVA and AIA have signed a cooperation agreement to collaborate in the field of market research. By this – and for the first time ever – Vision Market Report Data will be comparable providing an harmonized view on both regioins, Europe and North America!
  • Contributing companies, independent providing data to the EMVA (for Europe) OR to the A3 (former AIA, for North America) OR to both organizations, will receive both resulting Vision Sales Reports!
  • Sales (or turnover) data provided to the EMVA will be handled strictly confidential based on the Non-Disclosure-Agreement duly signed by the EMVA General Secretary.

Don’t miss to benefit from receiving reliable and harmonised vision market data for Europe and North America – free of any charge! – by just contributing to EMVA’s survey. The schedules of quarterly data survey including links to the respective excel collection sheets may be found in the download section aside.


Survey announcements, contribution reminder and providing the resulting reports is done by individual email.
Get included in the distribution list right now by just contacting us at Market.Data(at)emva.org.