Results from IVSM Spring 2022

Two times a year, the International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) gathers machine vision experts in the standard working groups to further develop the most commonly used standards in the machine vision industry. Due to ongoing pandemic restrictions in some parts of the world the last IVSM from 23-27 May once again was held virtual. During the event, major online-meetings took place within the standard working groups of GenICam, OOCI, GigEVision, USB3Vision, CoaXPress and OPC-UA:

  • The GenICam WG has presented and discussed the first version of the GenICam validation framework, which shall enhance GenICam logo certification process and future product compatibility. That validation framework is an independent part of the new test software for GigEVision, USB3Vision and CoaXPress and will be tested in the upcoming Plugfest in Detroit and Tokyo.
  • In addition, GenICam decided on a 2022.06 maintenance release, which is the mainly “GenICam reference implementation v3.4.0” and the 12th maintenance release for GenICam main version 3 since 2016.
  • OOCI started their work on the connectivity between camera and lens with the hardware technologies I2C and single-wire-ethernet and the software technology GenCP, which was and is used in CameraLink products. A first standards draft and demonstrator is expected for the Vision show in Stuttgart in October 2022.
  • GigEVision has finished their work on the GEV2.2 validation framework as well and can release GEV2.2 specification soon, to go on with 10/25Gbit bandwidth extensions in a planned GEV V3 version.
  • CoaXPress has almost completed the updates to the CoaXPress over Fiber document to add support for 25G link speeds. It is also working on a new Validation Framework to improve product validation.
  • OPC-UA has finished formal work on the OPC-UA companion specification and will approach GenICam for the next IVSM to formally include the GenICam concept into the OPC-UA part 2 machine vision framework.

All standards have teamed up and succeeded over the last meetings to enhance common standards testing methods as testing coverage for good product compatibility in the market. The next and hopefully again physical IVSM is scheduled to take place 26-29 September 2022 in Tokyo/Japan.