Relicensing for EMVA 1288 standard use and GenICam Standard Working Group

The EMVA informs that the old EMVA 1288 standard license expired for all users on June 21, 2022. From this date on, new datasheets in which data is designated as EMVA 1288 compatible and marked with the EMVA 1288 logo may only be published if the new EMVA 1288 license has been applied for and approved by the creator of the datasheets. The usage remains free of charge under the new license. The new license application can be downloaded here.


Also, the general conditions for participation and thus active involvement in the GenICam standard working group hosted by EMVA have changed, which requires a re-registration for all participating company representatives. Thus, on June 30, 2022, the old membership expires for GenICam working group members and access to the working group, its meetings and documents is only possible after a new registration. The use of the GenICam logo as well as the use of the reference implementation, both available here, will remain free of charge under the new license.