Olivier Despont (Cognex) gives talk at EVE 2017

‘Deep learning for machine vision’

Olivier Despont, ViDi Product Marketing Specialist at Cognex, presents at the 2017 Embedded VISION Europe conference.


Passionate by innovative and cutting-edge technologies, Olivier Despont spent the last 3 years working for ViDI systems SA, a swiss leading AI software company developing the business and setting up the sales channel to promote its Deep Learning Software in Asia and North America.  Following the recent acquisition Olivier is now the Product Marketing Specialist for Deep Learning at Cognex.

Olivier holds a Master degree in Management from Fribourg University (Switzerland) and Napier University in Edinburgh (Scotland).


Abstract of  Olivier’s presentation:

Today, enterprises are leveraging Machine Vision solutions for extending the capabilities of manufacturing machines through image processing and analytics. To interact with the world in a meaningful way, machines must first understand images. However, traditional computer vision solutions are limited in performance and can hardly manage changing or unpredictable environments. In real-time operation, conventional solutions require supervised learning, extensive training and faster computing, thereby, limiting the success of machine learning-based products to content filtering and speech recognition. Hence, the gap between what can be done with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the lab and what is done in real-world applications is huge. Cognex Corp, with its new Deep learning Tool Suite bridges the gap by allowing Machine Vision companies across multiple industries to create ground-breaking inspection systems to tackle otherwise impossible to program both functional and aesthetics anomalies inspection & classification.


The debut of EMVA’s brandnew conference Embedded VISION Europe, supplemented by an already well booked table top exhibition, will take place 12-13 October 2017 in Stuttgart.

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