Michal Czardybon (Adaptive Vision) presents at EMVA Conference 2018

‘Deep Learning in Industrial Quality Inspection: Experiences from the field’   #EMVAconference

The EMVA is happy to welcome Michal Czardybon, General Manager at Adaptive Vision, presenting at 16th EMVA Business Conference.

Michał Czardybon is the general manager of Adaptive Vision. In the past he was working as a software engineer for a Polish software house, Future Processing. Initially it was in the field of intelligent video surveillance, but later changed to industrial machine vision. Michał then originated the idea of a visual programming environment for machine vision engineers and started Adaptive Vision as an independent business unit. Currently manages its exponential growth and further development directions, which most notably include the game changing technology of deep learning.

Abstract of  Michal’s presentation:

Deep learning is an exciting new technology, but we still need more understanding on how it can be effectively used on the mainstream industrial market. At Adaptive Vision we have developed a software module that extends our standard product and is dedicated specifically for quality inspection. It responds to some specific market needs that were difficult to meet with traditional algorithms in the past. By by getting continuous feedback from early adopters we have built much better understanding of these needs. Our conclusions, discussed in the presentation, are related important technical aspects, but also to at least as interesting human factor issues.

The EMVA Business Conference will take place 7-9 June 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Find all conference details at www.business-conference-emva.org

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