‘Kamaros’ is unveiled as the official name of the Khronos / EMVA Embedded Camera System API

In March 2022, The Khronos® Group and the EMVA joined forces to establish a Khronos working group to develop an open royalty-free API standard for controlling cameras and sensors in embedded, mobile, industrial, XR, automotive, and scientific markets.
The design of the API is making significant progress and will include loadable layers and multiple language bindings as well as flexible, low-level control over camera functionality. In addition to the work on the API specification, the formal name of the initiative has now been unveiled: ‘Kamaros’ (pronounced Kam-ah-ross).

“Establishing a unique and trademarkable brand in parallel with drafting the specification itself is an important part of the standardization process,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos President. “Early and consistent branding builds industry awareness and recognition that will help promote the wide adoption of Kamaros when it ships.”
Kamaros evolved from an extensive exploratory process involving over 70 companies working together from March to December 2021 to forge an industry consensus on the need, terminology, scope, requirements, and design methodology for a new open standard camera system API.

Any company is welcome to join Khronos for a full voice and a vote in the evolution of the Kamaros standard. In addition, EMVA members are invited to join the Kamaros Advisory panel at no charge to provide feedback on specification drafts and design directions. Kamaros is expected to be of particular interest to sensor and camera manufacturers, silicon vendors, embedded and mobile platform vendors, and software developers working on vision and sensor processing.
Read more at https://www.khronos.org/blog/khronos-unveils-kamaros-as-the-name-for-the-embedded-camera-system-api-and-working-group

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