EMVA1288 – release candidate 2 of version 3.1 published

Today, on September 30, 2016, release candidate 2 of version 3.1 of the standard EMVA1288 has been made public by the EMVA.

The standard creates transparency by defining reliable and exact measurement procedures and by comparable data sheets for machine vision cameras. The new release is now open for public review and discussion and will become the official release 3.1 on December 30, 2016, if no objections are filed.

The new release contains only a few refinements and additions, because release 3.0 proved already to be a robust and stable release. The major progress is the new data template sheet. This makes it easy to compare the main features of cameras with data summarized in a standardized way on a single page. The two other major additions are: total SNR curve including the spatial non-uniformities, and diagrams of horizontal and vertical profiles for illustration of the spatial non-uniformities. The document can be downloaded from EMVA’s website at https://www.emva.org/standards-technology/emva-1288/emva-standard-1288-downloads/