EMVA welcomes new member ‘NotaVis’

With a broad spectrum, which includes all components necessary for image processing, the NOTAVIS GmbH addresses customers with its own image processing department, like e.g. large engineering companies (OEMs), the manufacturing industry (automotive and supplier industry, automation and system suppliers) and integrators. The portfolio includes industrial cameras, image processing software, IPC and other components.

National and international leaders have been acquired as partners: In the field of industrial cameras Dahua Technologies Ltd., China, for smart cameras and embedded systems Vision Components GmbH, Germany, and Fabrimex Systems AG from Switzerland for industrial computers. The image processing software area is covered by the NOTAVIS software suite based on the Halcon library and complemented by the NOTAVIS WebApp, a web-based app for code reading, presence control and pattern recognition (also based on Halcon).
In addition, NOTAVIS also offers application-specific solutions that are developed together with the customer.

NOTAVIS is a subsidiary of Vision Components GmbH in Ettlingen. Managing director and sales manager is Thomas Schweitzer. He has more than 25 years of sales experience, including 18 years in the field of machine vision.