David Moloney confirms talk at Embedded VISION Europe

The EMVA proudly announces Mr. David Moloney, Director of machine vision technology, NTG, at Intel Corporation, talking about ‘Low-cost Edge-based Deep Learning Inference and Computer Vision in Consumer and Industrial Devices’ at Embedded VISION Europe.

David was formerly the chief technology officer of Movidius, which he founded in 2005 with Sean Mitchell.

03_David_Moloney_Movidius-718x523He has a BEng in electronic engineering from Dublin City University and a PhD from Trinity College Dublin in the area of FPGA-based HPC for computational fluid dynamics. He has worked in the semiconductor industry internationally for the past 28 years with Infineon in Germany, STMicroelectronics in Italy, ParthusCeva (Ceva-DSP) and Frontier Silicon in Ireland.
Moloney has 31 granted patents and numerous publications. He acts as a reviewer for IEEE, a communications magazine, and for the EU Commission on programmes such as ARTEMIS. He has collaborated on many EU initiatives, including the Eyes of Things (EoT) Horizon 2020 project.
His interests include: processor architecture; computer vision algorithms; hardware acceleration and systems; hardware and multiprocessor design for DSP communications; and HPC and multimedia applications.

Abstract of David’s presentation:

There has been rapid progress in terms of network accuracy on datasets such as ImageNet since Alex Krizhevsky’s breakthrough AlexNet paper in 2012. The trend has been to ever deeper and more complex networks with greater computational and memory requirements as we creep up the asymptote. On a separate track many companies are anxious to get these networks out of the lab and into products which imposes some tension in terms of trading off accuracy against what can reasonably achieved in an embedded platform. Balancing this tension involves close cooperation between advanced R&D teams developing networks and engineering teams developing Vision Processing Units that can operate at the network edge.  We will describe how these tensions can be resolved and how advanced R&D into CNNs is influencing both the field of embedded computer vision and the hardware these vision systems run on.

The debut of EMVA’s brandnew conference Embedded VISION Europe, supplemented by an already well booked table top exhibition, will take place 12-13 October 2017 in Stuttgart.

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